One Minute PB Review - Bunny's Book Club

Bunnies. Adorable. Bunny's Book Club. Doubly Adorable. You'll love Annie Silvestro's debut picture book, illustrated by Tatjana Mai-Wyss. I laughed out loud several times with this one - particularly when the animals are squeezing through the book return.


Bunny loved books.

He'd loved them ever since he first heard the lady with the red glasses reading aloud outside the library.

As he listened, Bunny imagined himself climbing mountains...

captaining a ship...ruling a kingdom.

Bunny and his friends discover the wonders of the library. But what will happen when they're discovered by the librarian? 

Favorite Line: One by one, the animals stuffed themselves inside the library. (Bear caused a bit of a delay.). They scattered about, sniffing the stacks, pawing over pages.

Favorite Illustration: Final scene of all the animals enjoying the first official selection for Bunny's Book Club...with cupcakes.