One Minute PB Review - The Bear Report

This is one of my new favorites by Thyra Heder, mixing fiction and nonfiction elements in a fresh and adorable way. A girl grumpily finishes her "bear report" homework when suddenly, a polar bear appears in her family room. The bear takes her to the arctic to show her what bears are really like.

bear report.jpg

Bear: I also like music.

Sophie: Music?

Bear: Whale music.

Sophie: Whaled don't make music!

Bear: Sure they do!

Sophie learns all about bears in a playful dialogue with her bear friend. Eventually, she saves the day, getting them back to shore with a ride on a whale.

Favorite Line: That was fantastic, Sophie. When did you learn to speak whale? Today!

Favorite Illustration: All of them! If I had to choose, then the same spread as the favorite line above - with the two friends looking up at the sky together.