One-Minute PB Review - The Little Reindeer

A new holiday book, The Little Reindeer, is gorgeously illustrated by Nicola Killen. The book is adorned with window and doorway cut-outs and metallic inlays. 

The Little Reindeer.jpg

It was Christmas Eve and Ollie had just gone to sleep when

jingle, jingle, jingle

she woke again with a start.

What was that sound?

An adorable little girl dressed in her reindeer suit is ready for Christmas. But one of Santa's reindeer has lost his collar, calling to Ollie in the wind. 

Favorite Line: She wondered if they would go for a ride through the forest, but to her surprise...they soared up into the night sky, leaving the trees far below!

Favorite Illustration: Ollie with her sled, discovering the collar with silver bells.