One-Minute PB Review - Bitty Bot

Bitty Bot is an adorable, fresh take on a going to bed book. Written by Tim McCanna and illustrated by Tad Carpenter, this book follows a little robot and his space adventures.

bitty bot.jpeg

In a busy robot town,

bots begin to power down -

all except for Bitty Bot.

Feeling sleepy? Maybe not.

McCanna's rhyme is masterful, the words are playful, and the tone is perfect for getting your little bots ready for dreamland.

Favorite line: "Kiss your papas, hug your mamas. Activate your bot pajamas."

Favorite illustration: Bitty Bot tucked into bed with an alien stuffy.

Valentines Are For...
heart jpeg.jpg

Valentines Are For…

by Michelle Howell Miller


Valentines are for moms ready with tissues, soup, and hugs on icky, sick days.

Valentines are for dads who throw and catch and throw and catch for hours and hours, even in sleet.

Valentines are for siblings who look up to you with hope and trust, even if you don’t always have the answers.

Valentines are for puppies that lick happy tears and heartsick tears.

Valentines are for aunts who listen and make you feel like you are the only niece on the planet.

Valentines are for uncles who promise to keep the class bully away at your birthday party.

Valentines are for grandparents who make fantastic forts for sleepovers.

Valentines are for neighbors who help you battle the humongous, hairy spider.

Valentines are for the saxophone player and the street artist and the garbage man who make the world beautiful.

Valentines are for teachers who quiz you on your math facts instead of sleeping in…

For boys who stand up for you…

And for girls who stand by you.

Valentines are for all those who make your heart grow bigger.

Michelle Howell Miller
One-Minute PB Review - Alabama Spitfire

Finally out on shelves in bookstores everywhere is writer Bethany Hegedus and illustrator Erin McGuire's Alabama Spitfire, The Story of Harper Lee and To Kill a Mockingbird. It's the inspiring true story of a scrappy tomboy who grew up to write one of the most beloved books of the twentieth century. 


The red soil of Monroeville, Alabama, is as rocky as the state's past. But born in that same soil are the roots of the girl who grew up to write "the book of the twentieth century."

Nelle Harper Lee entered this world on April 28, 1926. From the get-go she was a spitfire.

There are many teaching opportunities for children in Nelle's story. The spitfire, rebel girl showing grit to follow her dreams. The way of the world in Nelle's hometown and throughout the country, where separate was not equal. Young Nelle fighting injustice - saving her friend Tru from the bullies. And an older Nelle, fighting for a life of her own design. 

Favorite Line: Nelle, the girl who fought playground injustice, was at it again - publishing a book where a small town and its people struggled with what was wrong and what was right - and where ski color didn't automatically make one guilty.


One-Minute PB Review - Raisin the Littlest Cow

Could Raisin be any cuter? Raisin, The Littlest Cow, has become one of our family's favorites.


Raisin was the littlest cow in the herd. She liked it that way.

The bigger cows cooed and nuzzled her, and on movie night, they even helped her see over the fence. 

Raisin adored movies. She was perfectly content.

There's a list of things Raisin likes. And a list of things Raisin didn't like. The one thing she didn't like most of all. Change. A very relatable topic for kids, who have to deal with, and often grumble about, change on a daily basis.

When change comes, Raisin does not take it well. But she eventually comes around...

Favorite Line: Change comes, as change often does.

Favorite Illustration: Raisin and her brother Raindrop, playing and giggling in the rain.




One-Minute PB Review - A Unicorn Named Sparkle

The ad said "Unicorn, 25 cents." I love this first line of Amy Young's A Unicorn Named Sparkle. Anyone know child who would NOT want a unicorn? Alas, he was not quite what she expected...


He had spots.

His ears were too long.

He smelled funny. Oh, and he had fleas.

Lucy put a flower necklace on him. He ate it.

She put a tutu on him. He ate that too.

This is a classic story of not always getting what you want, but being happy with what you have. The illustrations are adorable. I particularly love the expressions of the little girl as she deals with disappointment of her new pet. I can see this one being read again and again...

Favorite Line: Lucy yelled, "WAAAAAAIT!" Sparkle bleated, "BAAAAHH!"


Michelle Howell Miller
One-Minute PB Review - If Your Monster Won't Go to Bed

Everyone knows putting your monster to bed can be difficult. You'll want to do everything you can to avoid a monster meltdown. If Your Monster Won't Go to Bed, written by Denise Vega and illustrated by Zachariah Ohora, is a super fun going to bed book.

Monster WGTB.jpg

Don't do the Monster Stomp.

Your monster will wiggle his waggle, flick his fur, and clench his claws, and the next thing you know he'll be shaking his bristly bottom and won't want to stop.

And you'll be shaking your un-bristly bottom, so it will be a big bottom-shaking, waggle-wigging, fur-flicking, claw-clenching Monster-Kid Stomp, which will last all night. Save the Monster Stomp for daytime fun.

The narrator's voice is kid-friendly and entertaining to read. The illustrations are colorful (particularly with a rainbow-colored monster on nearly every page) and adorable.

Favorite Line: TIME FOR BED! Who hates those words more than anything? That's right. Your monster.

Warning: This one might be a little too rowdy for a going to bed book for younger kids. It made our family want to dance...

One-Minute PB Review - LOVE

There is so much to love about LOVE, written by Matt De La Pena and Illustrated by Loren Long. 


In the beginning there is light

and two wide-eyed figures standing

near the foot of your bed,

and the sound of their voices is love.


Matt's lyrical text about what love is - even the kind that is often overlooked, or staring you in the mirror - is moving in and of itself. With diversity on every page, something seldom seen in picture books (though that is slowly, slowly changing), there is a relatable refrain and imagery for every child.

The artwork is truly stunning - the colors nearly pop out of the pages. This is a whole new look for Loren Long's art, for those of you familiar with his adorable Otis books.

LOVE is a story that will be read again, and again, and again. Just how picture books should be...