Writing Exercise: What Color Inspires You Most and Why? (150 Words Max)


Sky blue.

It is the color of a sunny day,

spanning endlessly across the horizon.

Puffy white clouds break up the blue,

only to continue gliding by,

revealing the sky again.

Sky blue makes you feel anything is possible.

That today is yours for the taking.

That tomorrow brings unparalleled opportunity to follow your dreams.

That any disappointing day in the past is just that… in the past.

Sky blue is your future, and your future is what you make it.

Sky blue,

stretching up to Earth’s atmosphere,

or painted on a child’s ceiling,

reminds us that we are blessed to live each and every day.

That we can appreciate every moment, or not,

but life is ours to seize if we choose.


The sky blue hue – sometimes we glimpse it in the crests of the ocean waves, in the swaying wildflowers, in a robin’s nest.  


Sky blue.