A Perfect Valentine’s Day

A Perfect Valentine’s Day

by Michelle Howell Miller

(Word Count 118)



Who wants to make Valentines?


We do!


I have the paper.

I have the scissors.

I have the … snacks.


Snacks? We don’t need snacks for Valentines!

Right. Sorry.


I have the glitter.

I have the glue.

I have the … pillows.


Pillows? We don’t need pillows for Valentines!

Right. Sorry.


I have the string.

I have the markers.

I have the … fire.


Fire? What are you thinking? We definitely don’t need fire for Valentines.

Right. Sorry.


Time to deliver our Valentines.


Oh no! There’s snow!

Valentine’s Day is ruined.


I have the snacks.

I have the pillows.

I have the fire.


Sorry. You were right all along.

That is exactly what we needed for the perfect Valentine’s Day!


Michelle Howell Miller