One Minute PB Review - XO, OX A Love Story

This is not your everyday love story. Adam Rex's humor and wit, match perfectly with Scott Campbell's watercolors in this tale, told through love letters between a clumsy Ox and a graceful, famous Gazelle.

xo, ox.jpeg

Dear Gazelle,

For some time now I have wanted to write a letter to say how much I admire you. You are so graceful and fine. Even when you are running from tigers you are like a ballerina who is running from tigers.

I think that what I am trying to say is that I love you.


Gazelle responds with a form letter, then another, but when Ox continues to write, complimenting and insulting her at the same time, she can't help but write back. The hilarity ensues...

Favorite Line: You make me want to be the best ox I can be. So I thank you again - you are the unflattering light of my life.

Favorite Illustration: The endpages!


Michelle Howell Miller