Samantha Claus

Samantha Claus

by Michelle Howell Miller

(Word Count 215)


All the hubbub.

All the toys.

All the effort to make other kids happy.

Samantha Claus couldn’t understand why her dad still did it.


It was the most magical night of the year,

But not here at Santa’s workshop.

It was just work, work, work.


Samantha found the elves in chaos. Santa was missing.

Who would take his place? Not her. No way. Not interested.



The reindeer did love her just as much as Santa. Maybe more. She always fed them treats.

She knew how every elf gizmo and gadget worked.

And she had always wondered, just a little, what it would be like…

To Actually Be Santa Claus.


When Samantha told the elves her plan, the sound of thousands of elves laughing was deafening.

“What other choice do we have?” Samantha asked. “Cancel Christmas?”

The elves stopped laughing.

They would not, could not, dared not cancel Christmas.


So they scrambled to help.

They hadn’t thought of everything…

But Samantha found a way to deliver every present.


It was the most chaotic, exhausting night of her life...

And the most magical.

Samantha finally understood why her dad still did it.


When she found Santa in his closet, fast asleep with his red suit partially on, she delivered her last present.

“Merry Christmas, Dad.”

Michelle Howell Miller